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I have had my granite countertop seven or eight years now and it looks as beautiful as the day they put it. The granite countertop has a gloss finish and has no scratches or wear marks. I occasionally use polishing products on it and it just shines wonderfully. The white bowls are crystal clear and although I really only use one of them, you cannot tell the difference between the two.
Joanne D.
Florence, KY

Many thanks for your great service and quartz countertop craftsmanship!

Tacoma, WA

I am sending you 2 pictures of the bathroom granite countertops, I can take the stuff off the double sink side if you like if you wanted a pic of it with nothing on it??? No Problem?? We Love it !!!Thanks so much!!!!! will probably do another bathroom later and will def. order another granite countertop from you!




Marble or Granite Countertops

At Elite Countertops, we pride ourselves on the number of different materials and color options we offer. Most consumers and trade professional take charge of their projects with a vision in mind. Our options allow you to fulfill your vision within your budget constraints. As you look at the vast number of countertop colors and options, keep in mind that you can order samples at extremely reasonable prices. Sample color chips can help you to envision exactly what your countertop will look like before you place your final order.

As you consider colors and design options, it is important to keep in mind that your countertop is not the only item in the room. Be sure to consider the colors of the cabinetry, wall paint, wallpaper, flooring, door trim, and window coverings. All of these considerations plus your lighting will create the look you desire. So, whether you are trying to create a calm oasis or a room of passion and powerful emotion, you will see warm and cool hues in our color palette selection.

Enjoy the process of selecting your countertop color. We hope our countertop colors will help you to create the mood and impact you are looking for in your home improvement project.