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Laminate Countertops are the number one selling material in the world. The material has attained this top spot due to 2 important factors, Price and Style. Over the last number of years, the material has expanded considerably in colors, textures, variations, sustainability, and even durability. At the same time, the prices of laminate countertops have stayed constant or even dropped lower. The material is truly at the intersection of Price and Style.

Premium finishes now include faux stones that closely resemble granite and marble finishes. New metallic finishes ad a special touch to kitchens and bathrooms that seek an unexpected design influence. Additionally, high-definition processes allow for texture effects that were simply unavailable years ago. You may have historically thought of laminate countertops as the material your grandmother chose. It's time to change your perspective and realize that the material has changed enormously. The days of white, beige, and black as your only color options are long gone. New edge profile options such as bull nose, double radius, and even ogee shapes are even available as an option to further reflect the style and grace you seek in your kitchen or bathroom. No more of the ugly, exposed brown seams that you associate with laminate.

The material is also extremely resistant to scratching and marring under normal use. Unlike stone materials, you never need to worry about using traditional household cleaners on your laminate materials. The material is equally used in low and high volume settings beyond the home. It is very common to find laminate countertops in homes, apartments, healthcare and laboratory settings, hotels, and even schools.

If you're looking for true individuality at an affordable price point, be sure to consider laminate countertops. The countless options provide the right combination of design, performance, and cost. You will soon realize why the material is so popular again.

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