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Variations of Black Granite Countertops

Black Granite Countertop Black is one of the most popular colors when it comes to countertops. Most people think of basic colors such as black or white as a limited option, but there are an incredible number of black granite countertops available. The costs vary depending on their country of origin, the general availability of the variation, and the specific details of the color.

Some of the beautiful examples of lower priced black granite countertops include the following:

  • Black Absolute - This color is typically sourced in India, China, and Zimbabwe and can be described as black background with fine brown-green details.
  • Amadeus - This color is typically sourced in Finland. It can be described as a granite with swirls of black, purple, and white-gray tones.
  • Black Angola (also called New Cambrian Black) is typically sourced in Angola. This is one of a few black granite countertops that have silver grey streaks of black running throughout.
  • Black Galaxy (also called Black Star) - This is typically sourced in India or China and has specks of copper on a deep and dark black background.
  • Black Pearl - This is found in India and China and is very close to the description of black absolute.
  • New Atlantic Black - This is commonly found in Angola. It can be described as being grey and black with clusters of silver on a grey background.
  • Silver Pearl (also called Masabi) - This color is found exclusively in Finland and is described as having silver-brown crystals on a dark grey background.

Some of the black granite countertops that are considered premium variations include the following:

  • Black Brazilian (also called Black Saint Gabriel) - This color is only available from Brazil and has silver patterns running on a black background.
  • Black Impala - This color is only available from Brazilian quarries and has both brown and silver tones on a black background.
  • Black Labradorite - This color is available from Brazil and has very deep, ornate silver patterns on a black background.
  • Spectrolite - This color is available from Finland and is rather rare. It contains large pieces of black and grey swirls mixed with irridescent blue and gold. As black granite countertops are considered, this is one of the most unique.
  • Paradiso Bash - This color is available from India. The primary color is black and because of the grey and terracotta tones, the black is more muted than other granite variations.
  • Tempest Black (also called India Black or even Monet) - This color is exclusive to Brazil. It can be described as having dramatic waves of black, silver, and gray with purple streaks throughout. Again, this variation is extremely unique when compared to other black granite countertops.
  • Tiger Black - This color is available from India and can be simply described as a black background with white smudges throughout.
  • Verde Maritaka - This color is sourced from Brazil. Black colors run throughout, but the swirls of dark green give it unique characteristics.

It's important to note with the more rare variations you should purchase all of the material in one instance so that you don't have mismatched variations.

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