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Countertops are increasingly available with a greater complexity than ones made years ago. Faux marble countertops are an option for those who want a less expensive option or are simply concerned about the characteristics of real marble.

Real marble countertops are not a dense material and are prone to staining if not sealed properly. Consumers can often find the best of both worlds in solid surface and even cultured marble countertops. Solid surface countertops have unique characteristics while lending themselves to a marble look. Cultured marble also offers finishes which resemble marble.

Faux marble countertops will often have the speckled look and veining that you find in real marble but at a much lower price point. Additionally, make crafty home owners will attempt to take a plain white countertop and to create a faux marble look using painting techniques. Although this approach can result in a unique countertop with a desired look and feel, it does have some negative aspects. The faux effect is painted on in several layers and regardless of the top coat, it will wear down over time and peel through to the underlying countertop. Additionally, there is a degree of artistic complexity to creating the effects successfully. It is not recommended that a consumer purchase a countertop and possibly ruin it while practicing their techniques.

Real marble is typically available in several color variations including a white marble, yellow marble, black marble, brown marble, and pink marble. Most people automatically envision a white carrera marble with gray or pink veining. Cultured marble counter tops can mimic the white core with various color marble effects through the material. These unique faux marble colors are often consistent with patterns found in real marble.

Finally, it is important to note that faux marble countertops do not exist to fool anyone in to believing they really are marble. Once a visitor touches the countertop, they will typically know that it is a faux material and not real marble. Some home owners want a perfect alternative that can fool an expert and the simple truth is that no faux material in existence which looks and feels identical to real marble counter tops.


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