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Types of Furniture for the Bathroom


There are three basic types of furniture for the bathroom: modular furniture, fitted furniture and stand alone furniture. You can use one type of furniture throughout the entire room or you can mix and match depending on the look you are going for.

Modular furniture is the type of pre-made furniture for the bathroom that can be combined in different ways. The big selling point of modular furniture is that it is able to be rearranged and still look great. If you get bored of how your bathroom looks and want to see something different, it is fairly easy to move your furniture around. Most modular furniture needs to be assembled at home and you will be able to see finished pieces in a furniture show room or display so you know what it looks like. This furniture for the bathroom will be placed against a wall, for instance, but will not be attached to the wall like fitted furniture.

Fitted furniture, as the name suggests, is furniture for the bathroom that is fitted right onto the wall. It is usually anchored into the beams behind the wall if it is a large piece, like a vanity. There are tons of different styles and colors of fitted furniture and you can certainly get several pieces of fitted furniture that match and look great together. Fitted furniture is not usually suggested for a small bathroom, as it can make the bathroom look a lot smaller than it is. Take a look at our selection of bathroom cabinets.

Stand alone furniture for the bathroom is furniture that is not attached to any other piece. Where modular furniture is likely attached to each other and fitted furniture is attached to the wall, stand alone furniture is not attached to anything at all. This is also known as free standing furniture. This is a great bathroom furniture type for a small bathroom since the pieces tend to be smaller and more compact. When it comes to free standing furniture, it is going to be almost impossible to attach two pieces to each other like you can with modular furniture as free standing furniture does not have flat sides.

All of the furniture for the bathroom types listed above can be purchased at any home improvement store and you can also find them from designers, discount department stores and even used on the internet or in the newspaper.

Though the furniture types listed above are the most common, there is another kind of bathroom furniture worth mentioning, and that is wooden furniture. Though many people think wooden bathroom furniture looks great, they take a lot of care to make sure they do not get damaged. Water can ruin wood forever and it is extremely important that you apply a water proofing chemical and keep the chemical updated as needed. Even the humidity in the bathroom can cause significant damage to wooden furniture. Furniture made of wood can certainly look great in the bathroom, but you must make sure you are ready and willing to maintain this furniture before installing it for good.


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