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How to Create Custom Vanity Tops


Custom Vanity Tops

Creating custom vanity tops can be quite fun for some people and quite scary and intimidating for others. There are quite a few decisions that need to be made when creating custom vanity tops, but with the right direction and assistance, anyone, no matter how design challenged you may be, can create a beautiful vanity top that they have created by themselves.

Most people think color first when deciding on custom vanity tops. With so many color combinations and shades, many get stuck right on this step and have a hard time moving forward. Try to focus on a specific look or theme. For instance, if the rest of the room is going to be a beach theme, choose a beach color.

Choose a shade of blue or green, for instance, if you want to focus on the water. A shade of yellow, orange or red can represent the sun and light brown shades can represent sand and rocks. Make sure you are not overdoing it with one color. For best results, have 2-3 countertop colors chosen of similar shades.

Once you have a color or two chosen, think of the shape and size of the sink. Do you have a long vanity where you can put his & her sinks or perhaps you just have room for one sink. No matter the situation in your bathroom, the size and shape of the sink can be decided on fairly easily. Sinks come in round, oval and square in most cases and though typically placed inside of custom vanity tops, floating sinks are becoming more popular. These are sinks you may have seen that sit on top of the vanity. In addition to choosing the type, color and size of the sink, you can also choose faucet location using our countertop selector guide.

The final choice you have when choosing and designing custom vanity tops is the edge. There are many edges you can choose from including standard square edges, ogee edges and even bullnose edges. If you don't know what these look like, you can see examples at any home improvement store that stocks vanities or countertops.

Custom vanity tops can easily be designed and installed by you simply by buying pieces separately and putting them together as one. This is certainly the most economical way to do it. The next cheapest way to get a custom vanity is to hire a designer to actually come up with the design, but you, as the home owner, would install it yourself. The third way to do it is to hire a designer and let them design and install the vanity.

As you can see, designing a vanity doesn't have to be scary or intimidating at all. It can be relatively cheap as well if you do the work yourself. You may be able to find parts for the vanity at auctions or warehouse stores that can save you even more money. If you are looking for ideas, turn on the television or scour the internet for inspiration. You can also go to home improvement stores to see what they have available and pull ideas from there.

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