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I have had my granite countertop seven or eight years now and it looks as beautiful as the day they put it. The granite countertop has a gloss finish and has no scratches or wear marks. I occasionally use polishing products on it and it just shines wonderfully. The white bowls are crystal clear and although I really only use one of them, you cannot tell the difference between the two.
Joanne D.
Florence, KY

Many thanks for your great service and quartz countertop craftsmanship!

Tacoma, WA

I am sending you 2 pictures of the bathroom granite countertops, I can take the stuff off the double sink side if you like if you wanted a pic of it with nothing on it??? No Problem?? We Love it !!!Thanks so much!!!!! will probably do another bathroom later and will def. order another granite countertop from you!


How to Clean Quartz Countertops

Cleaning Quartz Counter Tops

Because of their beauty and shine, quartz countertops are considered to be a good alternative to granite countertops. Unlike other counters, the surface of these vanities can't easily be stained. These units combine beauty and strength in a manner that no other natural stone can. They are very durable and require very little routine maintenance and care.

Although quartz counter tops are nonporous, they still need to be cleaned regularly to keep their shiny and attractive appearance. It is important to ensure that your counter top is well taken cared for, but we can help you out by giving you some useful tips. Below are simple steps for cleaning your quartz countertops.

Cleaning Quartz Counter Tops

How to take away dust and dirt?

Like other countertops, quartz counters inevitably attract dust and dirt. Consequently, you shouldn't pursue complex cleaning methods; you can simply wipe the surface using a wet sponge or cloth when needed. If your surface requires heavier cleaning for the removal of dust and dirt, you can wash the quartz surface with hot water mixed with mild liquid detergent. Please make sure to rinse the whole surface thoroughly in order to effectively clean your quartz countertop and remove any residual cleaning agents. Leaving any cleaner residue on the surface may lead to unwanted streaks. If you prefer to use a commercial countertop cleaner, make sure it is non-abrasive. Want to "Go Green?" For an all natural eco friendly alternative for common household cleaners, we recommend using a water and vinegar solution. If at all possible, do not use bleach or anything that is abrasive to prevent the countertop's smooth surface from being damaged.

How to remove streaks, fluid or watermarks?

It is important to always keep your quartz counter top surfaces dry in order to avoid water or soap streaks. To remove streaks, wash the area with water then dry it using a soft cloth. For a more in depth and natural cleaning process, use a water and white vinegar solution.

How to clean-up spills?

Even though it is natural for spills to occur from various liquid based provisions especially coffee or wine, in the event of such occurrences you should immediately use a wet cloth to clean up the spill in an effort to make future or routine cleaning easy for you. Finish by padding the surface with a dry cloth until all the moisture is removed.

How to scrape off food particles or gum?

If there are instances when a gum or food particles are stuck on your quartz countertop's surface, you can use putty knife to gently scrape the surface in order to remove them. When using a putty knife, always make sure to scrape in a motion directed away from you to avoid any personal injury.

Cleaning Quartz Counter Tops

How to remove oil or powder residue?

Products that contain powders or oils may leave a residue. In case your quartz surface is accidentally exposed to powder or oil-based products, rinse immediately with water in order to neutralize the effect, then pat dry with a soft cloth.

How to prevent damage from hair and beauty products?

For the Ladies, while beauty products are commonly found in bathrooms and on our bathroom vanity tops, it is important to protect your quartz countertop from common beauty mishaps. Here is a list of common items that can damage your countertop:

  • Flat iron
  • Curling iron
  • Acetone (in Nail Polish Remover)
  • Nail Polish
  • Some liquid foundations
  • Hair dye
While it was previously noted that quartz counter tops are pretty resilient, it is important to also take into consideration the bowl attached to your quartz vanity top. Most commonly, quartz counter tops are paired with under mount porcelain bowls. These bowls are not as heat or stain tolerant. Hot hair styling products can cause damage to porcelain sinks so always make sure to keep your flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer on a thermal pad instead of your vanity top or in your sink basin. Other beauty products such as liquid foundation, nail polish, and hair dye will stain porcelain sinks, and heavy build ups of these substances can be harmful to your quartz countertops as well. If you have a spill, make sure to clean and address it right away.

Cleaning Quartz Counter Tops

What not to do

Never clean your quartz countertops with strong chemicals or solvents that can damage its physical properties. Do not attempt to apply Methylene chloride or Trichlorethane and avoid the use of cleaning agents like grill cleaners and dishwasher polishing agents that high pH/alkaline levels.

Important Tips

Quartz countertops do not need to be sealed like those that were made from granite. There is nothing to worry about with most spills (as long as they are addressed correctly in a timely manner) as these countertops have very smooth surface that won't penetrate liquids. In most cases, the basic liquid detergent and water is enough to keep your countertop looking new for years. Do not ignore dirt because even the smallest amount can produce depreciation when disregarded over time. Since quartz counter tops can be damaged by sudden temperature changes, it is also advisable not to place hot pots or pans, or beauty styling tools directly on the quartz surface.

Quartz countertops selection

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